Found inside the Summary of a Company is the Activity section, with details all of the recent activity for that record, making it easier to sees all recent actions, calls and emails.

This view shows you the last 200 records as default, but you can click through each quick view tab (blue tool bar) to see the last 30 of each record type.

Hint - Need to look further into the activity? Use the grey tabs at the top of the record, where you can access all activity of each type, no matter how many records - you can use use the tools available to filter and report on the activity.


When using Activity, you can click on the type to open it in a summary window, giving further details. When viewing Actions you'll also have the ability to mark an Action as complete from here, or move the Action forward by 1 day / change the date of the action completely. 

In the top right-hand corner of this section, just above the grid is a tickbox labelled Show My Activity Only. Ticking this will hide any activity that you are not a user against, making it easier for your to identify your last interaction with the record.

You can also record new information here, using Add Activity, whilst clicking the '+' icon will show you more information about the activity, without the need to navigate away from this page.  This can be done for all records, using the '+' at the top of the grid, whilst the + within the grid will expand that specific row. 

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