Across the Company record, each tab includes different information and record types, helping you to navigate quickly between associated records or access key information.

In this article we will explain each of the default tabs available within the Company record.

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Note: As the configuration of each customer system is slightly different, you may see additional tabs within your system compared to what is described in this article.  If you are unsure what these additional tabs are for, or need any help, please contact the Eploy Support team.


The Summary tab provides a quick overview of the record & the details displayed can be managed by using the Layout option.  You can also see high-level Company, Contact and Active Vacancy information.

At the bottom of the Summary tab is the Activity section, which displays a history of the last 30 items of activity which are related to this record and any associated records e.g. applications received against a Vacancy associated with this Company record.


The Company tab is where you can edit any company details, such as name, parent company and business area.


In addition to the main address held in the Company tab, you can save additional addresses within the Addresses tab, making them available within the rest of the system e.g. when creating Interview Actions.


Based on the Parent Company field, the Structure tab displays the full hierarchy structure which that Company is associated with.

Clicking on a specific company name in the structure will take you to that Company record.

Right-clicking on a company name will display a menu giving you the option to link the selected record to a new Parent, link it to new Child records or remove the parent, thereby creating a new hierarchy.


Hint - Changing your company structure can have a significant impact on reports, as well as the hiring manager portal. Always take caution if / when you need to make structural changes and if you are unsure of the impact, please contact Eploy Success to discuss required changes in detail.


As with Candidates, Contacts and Vacancies, Skills can be added to Company records, allowing you to use the Talent Pooling functionality within Eploy to identify Candidates whose skillset matches that of the Company.

For more information on using Skills, please see this article.


This tab displays all Contacts associated with this Company.

To open the Contact record, click on the contact's name.  To return to the company, use the breadcrumb navigation or simply click Up.


Call Log

The ability to create a Call Log is part of the CRM functionality built in to Eploy.

Call logs can be saved against Candidates, Vacancies, Contacts or Companies and can be viewed from within each associated record. When viewed at the Company level, you'll see all call logs created against this Company, any Contacts within the company and all associated Vacancies.


The Correspondence tab saves all Email and SMS communication that has taken place for any record associated with a Company.  For example, if a Candidate has received email confirmation of their upcoming Interview, a record of this email is held within the Correspondence tab of the Company Record to which the Vacancy is associated.


Actions are used to record any events or meetings that take place during the recruitment process including interviews, assessment centres or client meetings. You can use the action tab to view any that have already taken place / been scheduled, as well as create new events.


All Vacancies associated with the selected Company can be viewed from within the Vacancies tab.


From the Placements tab, you'll be able to view the Placement itself, as well with the Application and Candidate information.


The Files tab allows you to upload docs and files which can then be used in other areas of the system, such as the hiring manager portal or the candidate onboarding module. 

For more information on files, please see this article.


Create and store any other notes and comments within this tab.


The Users tab displays all Users associated with the selected Company record.  These could be Core System (Standard) users, Hiring Managers or Vendors.


The final default tab is Groups.  This displays any Groups that this company record has been added to.

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