When files are added to a company record, they can be used as a resource for different areas of the system.  For example, by adding a file under the type of Logo will allow to use it against any vacancies that sit below this company in the structure. It can also be used as a resource during candidate onboarding, so long as the right file type is selected.

In this article we will explain how to upload, edit and delete files saved against the Company record.

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Viewing Company files

Within any record type, files are saved within the Files tab.


From here you'll be able to see all files currently uploaded against that company record, as well as preview, edit, download or upload.


Hint - Uploading on an existing record will overwrite the current file.

Uploading a new File

To upload a completely new file, click Upload from the grey tool bar whilst within the files tab of the candidate portal.


From here you can click Select to find the file saved locally, or use the cloud storage options if you have the file online. 

Hint - You can drag and drop the files to upload, which is particularly useful is the file is currently in an email or in your downloads.


Having uploaded the file, select an appropriate File Type. The file type is particularly important, as it dictates where in the system the file will be available i.e. different file types are visible in the hiring manager or candidate portals, whilst others are functional, such as vacancy logos. The file will also dictate the file extension allowed.

Hint - Certain file types will have restrictions on the types of file extensions, meaning that you will need to convert certain files to a suitable extension before uploading. For more details on the available file extension, select the File Type from the drop down list to see the available extensions.

You can then change the Title of the document - this is the name of the file as it will appear in the system when selecting it e.g. when attaching to an email or if displaying within a portal.

Editing an existing File

To edit an existing file, using the Eploy Document Editor - locate the file and click Edit. This will launch the editor and load the content of the file. Make changes as required before using Save and Close once you are finished.


Hint - Not all files are editable within the editor, so you may need to download / re-upload post changes if it is not in a compatible format.

To learn more about using the Eploy Document Editor, please see this article.

Deleting a File

When you are ready to delete a file, you can do so from the Files grid, by selecting the row and clicking Delete.



Hint - No delete button? You need to update your permissions to allow you to delete the file. Please speak to your local Super User or System Administrator to check if you have the correct permission.

A dialogue will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the file - before clicking ok, please be aware that there is no recycle bin, so inadvertently deleted files may not be able to be recovered. Please always take caution when deleting files.

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