Long Listing is a key step in talent pooling and proactively finding candidates for your vacancies.

Eploy includes the facility to search your candidate database, using the specifics of the Vacancy as your search criteria. 

To learn more about adding Candidates to a Long List, please see this article.

Having identified an initial list of potentially suitable candidates, you can select any (or all) of them and add them to the Long List, effectively indicating that they may be suitable and "saving them for later", meaning if you don't receive sufficient suitable applications from new candidates, you already have a list of potential candidates to fall back on.

When reviewing the long list, Eploy allows you to mark each candidate as not suitable, or it gives you the option to create an application on their behalf.  It also includes the facility to send your long-listed candidates a targeted email, encouraging them to review the vacancy on the website and submit an application.

The Long List can be found within the Talent Pool of the vacancy, which is accessible whilst working on a role.

Hint - There are a number of ways you can work on a vacancy:

  • Click the vacancy from the Live Vacancy menu, which will include all live jobs assigned to you, before then clicking into Talent Pool
  • From the vacancy summary page, select Work on this Vacancy and Talent Pool on the orange tool bar.
  • Within the History - Vacancies menu, you can use the sub menu to access the Talent Pool directly. 
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