Rules are used in Eploy to send emails based on different triggers that occur throughout the recruitment process. For example, Job Alerts, which are sent to candidates when a job is advertised that matches their requirements, are sent using a Rule. Onboarding notifications, authorisation workflow emails and even reference requests are all rules in the system. 

There are some key details that apply to all rules in Eploy:

  • Users have visibility of rules in the system, but the configuration of the email is managed by Eploy Support. If you want to make any changes to the rules in Eploy, please contact us and we can talk about the options available.
  • Rules typically run every 10 minutes, which means any records that meet the criteria (are at the trigger point and haven't yet been contacted) will receive the alert / email. In some cases, the rule may only run once per day, at a designated time - this is typical for reminder rules or exports.
  • You can click into the Rule to view the rule schedule (how often it runs) and the rule history, which shows a log for each recipient. This means you can keep track of exactly who has been contacted and when by this rule.
  • Some rules can be manually triggered, which can be great if you have recently made changes or have been doing some testing. Clicking Run All Rules from the menu, or Run Rule from within each individual rule, will trigger the rule and immediately send all emails which are due to be sent.

Please see this article to learn more about viewing and filtering rules.

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