Once you have created your Vendor user, you will be able to manage the permissions available to them. The permissions help to dictate exactly what they can see and do within the vendor portal.

Hint - If the vendors ever report that they are unable to log in, make sure you check their permissions - if they have no permissions, they will not be able to log in!

Within your Vendor User, click into the Vendor Permissions tab to access the following:

  • Register Candidates - This will allow the vendor access to the submit candidate form, where they register candidates onto the database.

  • Apply to Vacancies - In addition to registering candidates, you may also want your vendors to put candidates forward for specific roles.


  • Interviews - Based on your recruitment workflow settings, you can allow vendors with this permission to confirm or decline interviews on behalf of the candidate, as well as select interview slots.

  • Placements - Once a successful candidate has been selected, vendors with this permission that are associated to the candidate will be able to see the basic details of the placement.

Each of these permissions only come with an edit option, allowing them to action anything accordingly. Select the options as required, or use Select All, before clicking Save to confirm.

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