Communication is key at all stages of recruitment - whether it is application acknowledgements, interview invites or job offers, you will need to send and trigger lots of emails from Eploy to your candidates, your vendors and your hiring manager communities.

Because of the importance of these communications, Validate Emails is a tool built into the system that will help you to ensure that your emails are received by the recipient, avoiding spam filters, junk folders and blacklists.

Within Validate emails, you can configure and test your chosen email method from the system - don't worry if this is a bit too technical for you though, the Eploy Support team are on hand to help you with any required changes and can help you run any tests.

Hint - If you are having problems with candidates or hiring managers receiving emails, the answer is likely to be found within Validate Emails. For more information, please see the Using Validate Emails article.

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