The easiest way to create a vendor user is within the relevant company / contact record for that agency and agent. By doing so, a lot of the information will be drawn through, helping to complete the details of the user record, based on the contact.

This guide will look at the process of creating a vendor user, giving access to your vendor portal in the process.

New User

Start by navigating to the relevant company or contact record for this agency, then click into the User tab. This tab will display any users that already exist, as well as a New option on the grey tool bar.

Hint - Only core system users with the relevant Vendor Admin user permission will be able to do this.


Once you have clicked New, you will be able to configure all of the details of the agent, including the log in info, contact details and permissions. Certain key details, such as the relationship and the email address, will be populated for you.

Hint - You can also do this by navigating to Admin > Users and clicking New. This method will not pre-populate any information.

There are still some required fields to populate to ensure the vendor is set up correctly:

  • Username - Recommend to set this as the agent's email address, so that it's easy to remember. 
  • Password - This can be set up as a single use password (by ticking the Must Change Password on Next Login checkbox), ensuring that the agent chooses a secure password once they log in.
  • User type - This field is the most important, as it will determines which portal this user will have access to. Set this to Vendor, otherwise they will be able to access your Hiring Manager portal!

Hint - If you set the wrong user type, you can not change it as it is linked to a permission profile. You will need to deactivate the user and start again, so be extra cautious to ensure that you set Vendor for vendor users.

  • Company / Contact Relationship - These options will be populated for you, if you have chosen to create the vendor from within the contact record. If not, you can update the association here.


Hint - The relationship is important for vendors due to ownership policies and reporting, so ensure that each user is associated to a contact.

  • System email address - This is the email address that any comms are sent to, so ensure this is set up for either the vendors direct email, or if you work with a number of agents, the central mailbox that they have access to.

Once you have populated these key details, you can click Save to create the user profile. Before this agent is ready to be assigned to any vacancies however, you need to update the Vendor Permissions.


Hint - Within the User Details, once you have created your vendor, you can use the Vendor Login link to access the Vendor portal as this user - this is a great way to get more familiar with the functionality that your vendors will be using to submit candidates to the database and can help with troubleshooting.

Please see this guide to learn more about Vendor Permissions.

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