When you add a new agency to your PSL, you will also need to create them as a vendor user so that they can access the portal. Before you set up the username and password however, you first need to consider:

  • Is this a new agency or simply a new contact within an existing agency? Either way, you may need to create a new company or contact record first, with all of the relevant contact information. You may also need to add them to a structure, to help you manage your vendors, as well as allocate them to a region or function for reporting purposes.  This guide explains how to create companies and this guide explains how to create contacts.

  • Signed Terms - Have you agreed to the agency terms already? Have they agreed to yours? In both cases, there are fields available within companies to allow you keep track of agreed fee's or margins etc. You can also upload documents to the company record, within the files tab, so that you can always refer back to it. If you do need the agency to sign anything, have you considered using our eSignature module for this? You can create and issue signable documents directly from Eploy, which can be more efficient than taking it offline.

  • Vendor Duplicate Settings - When adding new vendors, it is a great opportunity to ensure that your portal is working as efficiently as possible and is in line with your candidate ownership policies.  For more information on how Eploy can work alongside your policies, please see this guide on Duplicate Checks and Candidate Ownership.

Once you are happy with the settings above, you are ready to create your new Vendor Users.  To learn how to create a Vendor User, please see this guide.

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