To manage and edit a drop down list, you first need to consider the implications of doing so.  Please ensure you have reviewed this guide to ensure that you understand the changes that you are making - if you have any questions or would like to talk the changes through, please contact Eploy Support.

When you are ready to edit a drop down, you can access this module under Admin > Drop Down Lists.


Note - This area of the system is restricted by permissions, so you will need the System Admin (Drop Down Lists) permission to access & edit this section.

When within Drop Down Lists, the first thing to do is choose the appropriate list from the Show Values For list - this will include all drop down lists that you have access to edit.


Note - Not all drop down lists are available to edit. If you are looking to make changes to a list that doesn't appear to be available, please contact Eploy Support to discuss.

Once you have selected your list, you will see all existing entries. To make any changes to existing options, including archiving / deleting, click into the description. Alternatively, click New on the grey toolbar to create a new entry to appear within the list.

Depending on the list you are editing / inserting an entry for, you may have different configuration settings available including:

  • Parent Option - This will appear when editing a hierarchy or nested drop down list, allowing you to insert your option into the structure.  For example, in the Location list, you could set UK as the parent of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Description - This is how the item will appear in the drop down list and may be visible to hiring managers, candidates or vendors. 

  • Reference - This is used when configuring exports and is not visible in the system or when using the field. This can be populated to help match the drop down list with a value from another platform.


  • Order ID - Used to dictate the order in the list that this item will appear. If set to 0, the list will be sorted alphabetically.

  • Source String - This is used to auto track applications and appears within the How Did You Hear About Us / Details drop down lists.

Populate each of the options accordingly and click Save to confirm.

Hint - Based on your permissions, you may also be able to deactivate or delete an option. To do this, click into the item and if you don't see the appropriate buttons, it means you don't have the relevant permissions.

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