From time to time, you might realise that there is some information missing that you need to capture - this could be due to a change in your process, or a new Reporting requirement.

The Eploy Support team can help you capture that data by creating new fields on your database, including new drop down lists with a new list of values.

If you need a new drop down list field, let us know which record you would like the field added to, what the label (name) should be and where on the record this information needs to sit. We can then create the space for you, leaving you to populate the list of values as required.

Hint - When adding new fields, consider who needs to populate the field - does it need to be available to Hiring Managers as part of requisition? Do candidates view the information, providing it during registration, application or onboarding? Let us know the use for the field and we will be able to recommend where to display the data, in order to get the most out of it.

Whilst you can't create the field in the first instance, you can manage the content of any drop down list on your system.

To find out more about managing the content of your Drop Down Lists, see this guide.

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