Once you have found the field you wish to edit, click on the Field Label name to open the configuration window, where you can control where the field is active, and where it must be filled in before saving (required).


You also have the option to update the field descriptions, which is where the field label and field warnings are stored.


The field label is how the field is displayed in the core system, whilst the warning label will be displayed if the field is not completed correctly. For example, if a mandatory field is not complete when saving the record, you will receive a pop up alert showing the warning label for that field.

Hint - Did you know that you can have different labels in each portal for the same field? This allows you to give friendly descriptions to the candidates, whilst using something more concise for your other users. If you need to change how the field appears within any additional portals, then you just need to tick the related box to have access to the Field Label and the Warning Label for that portal.

Once you have finished making changes, click save to confirm. If you are changing fields for the core system, you may need to log out / log back in to see them take effect.

Hint - Looking to create a new field? This is something Eploy Support can do for you, so please let our team know the type of field you need, where it needs to show and the relevant labels and we can get that set up.


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