Please note: this guide applies to the Hiring Manager Security Settings only.

Within Portal Configuration section at the bottom of the Hiring Manager Security Settings screen, you have the option to manage the fields which show to your hiring managers when they are reviewing candidates in the application dialogue. This includes the candidate overview and the vacancy details.


To view and amend the fields displayed within the Hiring Manager Portal, click the Layout button against Candidate Fields (for the Candidate Overview tab) or Vacancy Fields (for the Vacancy tab).  Once in the layout manager, you can drag and drop the available fields to customise the layout of each screen.  This is particularly useful for highlighting or promoting key fields that form part of your screening process.

When updating Candidate Fields, you will have access to any field that is stored within the candidate record, including all personal details, history & any custom questions. These fields will then be shown within the Candidate Overview tab of the application dialogue.

Vacancy Fields will then dictate the fields shown within the vacancy section of the dialogue.

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