Within Security Settings, you can apply IP address restrictions, so that certain areas of the system can only be accessed from specific locations. This can be great to help lock down your database and ensure that your users are only accessing the system from these approved locations.

Note - IP Restrictions are only available on Hiring Managers, Standard Users and Vendor Users.


To add an IP restriction that will apply to all users of that portal, simply click Add and enter the IP Address / Range. 


Once the IP address has been added, the portal can now only be accessed from the specified IP address(es). You can add as many different IP addresses as required. If you don't add any restrictions, Users will be able to log in from any location.

Note - You can also add IP restrictions to individual users, so that the restriction only applies to them rather than all users. This means that other users would be able log in from any location, whilst only the user with the restriction against them would be limited. This gives you more flexibility between users but requires more admin to maintain.

Once you have set up your restrictions, you can then choose to use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) based on the IP Address. Please see this article for more information on setting up 2FA.

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