As part of your process, Hiring Managers may be asked to complete an Assessment form. This can be a great way of collecting feedback, following an interview or after reviewing a shortlist.

To do this, click the candidate name to open the Application Dialogue. This will display all relevant information for the application & it's within the vacancy section that you will find the Forms tab.

Here you'll find any forms that have already been completed. This is also where you can provide feedback, by clicking Complete Form

Note: If this section is not visible, then there are no forms currently available.


From the resulting pop-up, select the appropriate form from the drop down list, and click Continue.

Note: All available feedback forms will be displayed within the drop down list, so please ensure that you label them appropriately. This will help to avoid confusion and ensure Hiring Managers complete the right form at the right stage of the process.

From here, complete the form and click Submit to confirm. This will save the details fo the feedback form and return you to the application dialogue.


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