Once you have access to the Customise Fields menu, you have a choice between Standard Fields and Custom Fields.


Standard Fields are those fields which are part of the core, default Eploy system. Most fields on your system will be a standard field, even if they have been renamed or repurposed for your version of Eploy. These fields make up the majority of the Candidate, Company, Contact and Vacancy fields within your system.

Custom Fields are those which have been added specifically for your system and will be available with any additional tabs we have created for you. These can be hidden from certain users using permissions, as well as being used for authorisation, compliance or on-boarding fields. These fields are likely to be unique to your instance of Eploy.

Hint - If you want to make significant changes to your standard or custom fields, we would always recommend that you discuss the changes with the Eploy Support Team first. We can advise on best practise and ensure you understand the implications of your changes - we may even offer to create new fields for you, to help achieve what you need!

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