The recruitment is done, your candidate is placed and they have begun to work - the next step is for them to submit their hours via a timesheet.

Using Eploy Timesheets & Rates allows you to capture all of the timesheet information, as well as expenses, supporting docs and visa monitoring on allowed hours.

When it comes to setting up timesheets, you don't actually need to do anything! Timesheets are automatically created when the candidate attempts to submit one, so all you need to do is:

  • Ensure that the candidate is eligible to submit their timesheet, by giving them an active candidate status.
  • Set a placed status on the placement record (shown in green), so that the placement is considered to be active.
  • Add rates to the placement, so that the information can be drawn through to the timesheet when the candidate requests it.

So long as the above is in place, you do not need to create timesheets. As they will be created as and when required this helps to reduce unnecessary admin, makes the timesheet module more manageable and gives you greater control over rate changes.

Creating Timesheets in the Core System

There may be instances that you need to create a timesheet on behalf of the candidate. You can still do this using the Create Timesheets button, found within the placement record or on the Placement Global List (View > Placements).

Timesheets for an individual Placement

If you need to create timesheets for just one placement you can create all the timesheets in one go from within the placement record by clicking Create Timesheet. This will automatically create a timesheet for every week between the start and end date of the placement. If there is no end date, it will simply create one timesheet on a rolling basis from the following week of the previous timesheet - this allows you create timesheets for those that are working on a contract or temporary basis but the end date has not yet been confirmed.


Timesheets for multiple Placements

If you need to create timesheets for multiple placements, you can use the Create Timesheet tool at the bottom of the timesheet global list (View > Timesheets). By selecting the placement that you wish to create for then clicking this option, you will be able to insert a timesheet for all placements for a particular week.


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