Whether it be due to a performance related increase, AWR or even a national minimum wage adjustment, there will be times that you need to update the rates on existing placements and timesheets. Whilst this is easy to do in the system, you need to follow the correct process to ensure it is done correctly & that the admin trail is preserved.

Delete Future Timesheets

The first step is to delete any timesheets which have not yet been submitted by a candidate where the week commencing is after the date of the rate change. As the tools for changing rates apply to the placement, if you do not delete these timesheets, they will continue to exist and be available to the candidate with the wrong rate.

You can search for all future non-submitted timesheets using the filter options when in the Timesheet tab of a placement. After clicking Filter on the grey toolbar, set Awaiting Authorisation to By Candidate and enter the date that you wish for the rate change to apply from in the Week Commencing field.

Hint - If you want the rate change to apply to all timesheets that have not yet been submitted (i.e you are applying the rate change to implement holiday pay rates) you can use the same filter above but leave out the date. This will then allow you to delete any back dated timesheets.


Click apply or hit enter to see the timesheets which need to be removed. So long as you have the delete permission, you can use Select All then Delete.

Hint - If you need to update the rates across multiple placements, then you can use the same filter but from the Timesheet Global List (View > Timesheets).

Update Rates

Now that the timesheets have been removed, click into the placement and scroll down to the rates grid. From there you will be able to click Update Rates, which will allow you to load a new global rate, as well as set things like start & end dates, reason for changes and any other comments.


Hint - you can also update the rates on placements en masse using the pay rate updater (click to view the guide).

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