Talent pooling is all about giving you quick access to sets & subsets of qualified candidates, so you can easily find those with the right skill sets for your opportunity.

Whilst there are a number of ways to do this, including using Long Lists, Groups or Query Builders; once you have your Talent Pool, the Skills Report is the single best way to analyse the strengths & skills of those selected.

Accessing the Skills Report for Candidates

When viewing a list of Candidates, the skills report can be accessed by clicking Reports in the grey tool bar. From the drop down list select Skills Report then click Open.

Hint - There are two reports options, one on the blue Eploymenu and one on the grey toolbar - make sure you select the correct one.


Understanding the Report

Once open, this report will give you a break down of all the skills used within the candidate database, including a count of the number of times used & the percentage of your records that have that skill.


In this example, skill AAT within the Finance / Accountancy Skills group has been used across 4 candidates, which is approx 6.9% of my talent pool / database.

This helps me to understand how skilled my database is and can be useful for identifying trends within my talent pools.

Filtered lists & Talent Pools

Before opening the report, you can create different filters or groups to focus on - the report will always include the data from your active filter so you can look for candidates of a certain type first, before choosing to do your analysis by running the report. This allows you to focus on subsets of your database, helping to identify trends on different samples.

Hint - You can do the same analysis on your vacancies, companies or contacts, by clicking into Reports on your grey toolbar within each section of the system.

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