When registering, Candidates are asked to provide consent for the way in which their data will be processed and how long it'll be kept on record for.  

Candidates can withdraw their consent and change their Contact preferences at any time from within the Candidate Portal. 

Having logged in, click Data Privacy from within the dashboard on the main profile page.


A pop-up will now appear, displaying your data protection statement and privacy policy.


Note the example above is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute any kind of legal advice or suggested best practice for the composition of consent settings.

To withdraw consent, simply select Remove My Data and click Save.

Note - If the option to remove data is not displayed, that means the candidate has been excluded from providing consent. An exclusion can be placed on any candidate data that you as a business have a legitimate interest in holding - i.e they have worked with you in the past or have an active application. 

To learn how to configure your Data Privacy and Consent settings, please see these articles.

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