Once successfully placed on a temp or contract role, the candidate maybe required to submit timesheets. They can do this by accessing the candidate portal and looking for the Timesheets widget on their Dashboard..



To access the timesheets, click either Authorised, Submitted or Incomplete/Not Submitted.

Hint- You can filter which timesheets you see, using the filter list on the timesheet page.


Completing and Submitting a Timesheet

Identify the week / date that you to submit the timesheet and click into the record.


Begin by entering the start time, any breaks and end times for the shifts each day - the total hours will then auto-populate for you. You can also use timesheets to submit hours against over time rates, if applicable.


Hint - You can also record details of any expenses, including uploading files / scanned receipts as required.

To submit the timesheet for approval, tick the box to confirm that you're happy to submit the timesheet for approval and click Submit Timesheet.

Hint - Didn't work that week? By submitting a 0 hour timesheet, you can ensure that the timesheet is confirmed and not outstanding.

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