Onboarding is a crucial step in the recruitment journey, where you gather the outstanding required information for any new starters, as well as share things like employee handbooks, offer letters and signable contracts. It will help you stay compliant, especially if the new starter requires any background or DBS style checks.

The Eploy onboarding module is the one stop place where you can do all of this, plus give them access to bespoke content, testimonials & employee videos and even use it to manage your referral schemes.

At the conclusion of the recruitment process, onboarding is triggered for the chosen candidates by creating a placement and setting the Your Offer & Contract status. This will then trigger an email to the candidate and invite them to the portal / to complete onboarding. It will also unlock a new area of the candidate portal, which is available on the profile:


Hint - The trigger status may differ, depending on your configuration, so please check with your system admins to confirm.

As a candidate, you can begin the onboarding process, by clicking Start Offer Acceptance. This will give access to a series of custom pages, where different information is required to be provided by the candidate. It will likely include but is not limited to:

  • An introduction to the Company or a Welcome Video
  • Confirmation of your Personal Information
  • HMRC New Starter information
  • Bank Details
  • References
  • Contract Acceptance

Hint - Some onboarding processes will require the contract of employment to be available to the candidate before they start the process. If the candidate is unable to click Start Offer Acceptance (i.e the option is greyed out), then it means that the admins need to create a supporting document first, such as a contract or offer letter.

Candidates can then work through the onboarding requirements, tracking their progress using the navigation panel. This allows them to see exactly what is required, allowing them to prep any information & ensure they have the details to hand.


Hint - Once they have started the process, the placement status will automatically change to Acceptance Pending. This means that as an admin or HM user, you can also track the candidate progress through the onboarding journey. This also allow candidates to begin but not complete process, then return at a later date once they have gathered the required information, without having to start the whole process again.

The final page of onboarding is an acceptance page - this means that it is only available once the candidate has completed all other pages. If they haven't met the requirements of the previous pages - i.e they are shown with a cross - then they will not have access to the final page. This is because the final page will likely include a signable document, which is should only available once you have all of the info you require from the new starter.

Once they access the final page, they will be able to use Click to Sign, which will allow them to electronically sign the required contracts etc, at which point the document is converted to a PDF & will meet all UK legislation for signable documents. 


Once the doc has been signed, they will be able to complete the entire process, by selecting Accept Offer. This again will change the status so that you can track your onboarders, as well as trigger the next stage of checks, additional document prep or an exports etc.

Hint - At this stage, candidates will no longer have access to previous onboarding pages, but they may still be able to provide additional references if required - i.e the original referees are unable to provide a suitable reference, so additional referee details can be submitted. In this case, simply invite the candidate back to the portal and the onboarding widget will show only references.

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