As a Candidate, it's really important to keep personal information up to date.

This can support existing applications and any made in the future, by giving the Recruitment Team all the relevant details about their experience and skills.

This can also help the candidate stay relevant and engaged with talent pools, meaning they are more likely to be contacted about other roles they may be suitable for.

In this article we will discuss the various profile pages available and explain how candidates can ensure their personal information is kept up to date.

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The Profile Page and Menu

As a Candidate, when I log in to the Candidate Portal, the first thing I see is the Profile page. From here I can access my Saved Vacancies, any Applications and upcoming Interviews.


There are also links I can use to take me into About Me where I can view and update my personal information.

Hint - There is also a menu in the top right hand corner of the screen, which is accessible from anywhere on the site. This gives access to any page within my profile.


Simply click into the page, review the fields as provide the required information - any mandatory fields will be displayed with a *, before then using Save / Continue to confirm.

Uploading a new CV

 Upload CV from the main profile page is the quickest way to provide a new version of my CV, or I can review the CVs already uploaded within My CVs.


Simply click Upload CV and follow the instructions to attach a new CV from my profile.

Hint - Candidates may be limited on the number of CVs they can provide, so if no upload function appears, they may need to remove an old CV first. However, some candidates may not see the delete icon, which means they don't have permission to delete CVs.

CV Parsing

It's important to note that when a candidate first registers, the CV will be parsed to help complete their profile. This means that they don't need to spend time typing in their employment history, contact details or referee information.

When a second CV is then provided, the information will be extracted again, but any existing information will not be overwritten - only new information will be added to the Candidate Profile.  For example, if the original CV contained 2 qualifications, these will have been added to the profile.  If the new CV only contains 1 qualification, this will be added to the list of qualifications, rather than the 2 existing ones being deleted and replaced with the new one.





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