When you first click into Company Record, you will see the company summary. From here you can see all the headline details, including quick access to Active Vacancies and Contacts. Because you have access to lots of data here, this guide will go through how to optimise your layout and how best to review activity.

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The Overview and Layout editor

When first getting to grips with the Company Summary, we recommend using the layout to help highlight key information. To do this, use the Layout button located in the top right hand corner of the section.


The layout editor will open in a new window and will show you the default layout used - you can change this by dragging and dropping any fields into the right place, or completely out of view if not required.

You can even add section headings or spacers, to help you organise.


Once you are happy with the layout, click Save then Close.  The Summary tab will then refresh and your new layout will be displayed.

Hint - Once you have done this once, it will apply to all company records and will even be maintained after you log out / log back in.

There is also a setting to allow you to copy the layout from another user - this can be great if you are looking to standardise the layouts across your teams!


At the bottom of the Summary page, we have activity. This shows all recent related records such as vacancies, notes and emails; meaning you can quickly get up to speed on the latest with this company. As well as having an overview, the activity can also be broken down into different record types:

  • All Activity - this displays a comprehensive list of the last 30 Activity items, including emails sent and received
  • Actions - the last 200 Actions scheduled
  • Call Logs - the last 200 call logs created
  • Correspondence - the last 200 correspondence items created
  • Notes - the last 200 Notes created
  • Placements - the last 200 Placements created

You can expand and contract the view using the + and - buttons on the right hand side to help show extra information, whilst also having quick links to Add Activity.


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