Within Eploy, Companies are one of the four core record types, along with Candidates, Vacancies and Contacts.


Company Records contain departmental, industrial and functional information, along with the address and name. They can also be linked together to replicate your internal organisational structure, or that of your client (whoever you are recruiting for!) using Parent and Child relationships to create a hierarchy.


If you use the Hiring Manager Portal, this hierarchical structure can then be used to restrict visibility of Vacancies and prevent a Hiring Manager from one part of the organisation being able to raise a Vacancy against another part of the organisation.


Company Records can also be used to track supplier details and costs, for example, if you have a preferred supplier list of Recruitment Agencies (Vendors), you can create Company records for each vendor and align the user details of each Vendor user to their respective Company.

From within a Company record you can quickly view all Vacancies, Contacts and Users associated with it and track all activity that has taken place.

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