The Eploy Vendor portal is the one stop place for all vendor or agency activity, including submitting candidates, tracking applicant and receiving feedback.

Within the Vendor Portal, users can either navigate from their dashboard or use the left hand menu.

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My Dashboard

This first screen displayed once logged in to the Vendor Portal and is the gateway to each module:


  • Live Vacancies - All active jobs which have been allocated to the vendor.
  • All Candidates - All candidates that have been submitted by the vendor agency.
  • Live Applications - All applications which are still being considered for each role.
  • Unsuccessful Applications - All Applications which marked as unsuccessful.
  • Add Candidate - Will allow the vendor to submit a new candidate for a role they have been assigned too.
  • My Candidates - This will show only the candidates that each individual vendor has submitted.
  • View & Search Placements - Gives access all Placements for the submitted Candidates, and includes a link to the placement search page
  • Search Placements - Direct access to the placement search, which is great if they have lots of successful candidates.



The filter at the top can be used to pick a specific Vacancy, then select Candidates from the list and click Submit Candidates to create new Applications.

Alternatively, select a Vacancy from the filter and click Register a New Candidate to create a new Candidate and submit an application.



Click into each vacancy to see additional vacancy information and a job spec (if applicable).

All Candidates


This screen lists all Candidates with Applications.

The Filter at the top of the screen can be used to view Candidates for a specific Vacancy.

To view those Candidates with Active Applications, use the Live Applications menu option.  Again, use the Vacancy filter at the top to view specific Vacancies.

To view those Candidates who have been Rejected or Withdrawn, use the Unsuccessful Applications menu option.

Interview Slot Selector

When a Candidate reaches an Interview Stage and Slots are available for them to pick, agency users can select an appropriate slot on their behalf from this screen.

To view Candidates with scheduled interviews, this can be accessed from within the All Candidates screen.


The Placements screen lists all Candidates who's Applications have been successful.

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