Based on your ownership policy, you may allow for agencies to submit the same candidate for multiple different roles. This helps to avoid duplication (i.e stops them creating a new candidate) and means its easier to track original submission dates.

In the Vendor Portal, this can be done from within the Candidates screen, within an individual Candidate, or within the Vacancy.

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Creating an Application from Candidates

When viewing a list of Candidates, use the Vacancy Selector drop-down list at the top of the screen to pick the Vacancy. Then use the selection tickboxes to select the candidate(s) we wish to submit an Application for, and click Submit Candidates.


We're then shown a recap of the Candidates we're submitting.

Against each Candidate is a drop-down list which we can use to specify which CV we want to use.


Tick the Submit Candidates tick-box, then click Continue.

Creating an Application from within the Candidate record

Having accessed the list of Candidates, click on the Candidate's name to view their record.

Click Submit Candidate.

On the following screen, use the Vacancy selector drop-down list to pick the Vacancy we want to create the Application against.

Confirm the CV we wish to use, then tick the Submit Candidates tick-box and click Continue.

Creating an Application from within the Vacancy

When viewing the Vacancy, click Submit Candidates.

This will show a list of all Candidates we have registered who have not already applied for this Vacancy.

Select the Candidates we wish to submit and click Submit Candidates.

Confirm the CV(s) to be used, tick Submit Candidates and click Continue.

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