In this article we will explain how Hiring Managers can view References and indicate whether they feel the reference is suitable or not.

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Viewing References

To view References received, I access the References screen within the Hiring Manager Portal.


I can use the Filter to view only those References which are:

  • Requested
  • Reviewed
  • Received
  • Failed

After applying the filter, I click the candidate's name to review the reference and update the outcome.


The reference comments are displayed on the right hand side of the screen and as a file saved within the Files tab.


Hint - If there are no comments, make sure you check the Files tab as the reference may have been returned via company letterhead.

Updating References

Having reviewed the Reference, I update the outcome to Checked - Suitable or Checked - Not Suitable as required and click Update.


Hint - Depending on the minimum number of references required, marking a reference as Not Suitable may result in an automated email being sent to the Candidate advising that they need to provide another referee, one who can provide a more suitable reference.

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