In this article we will explain how Hiring Managers can view References and indicate whether they feel the reference is suitable or not.

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Viewing References

To view References received, I access the References screen within the Hiring Manager Portal.


I can use the Filter to view only those References which are:

  • Requested
  • Reviewed
  • Received
  • Failed

After applying the filter, I click the candidate's name to review the reference and update the outcome.


I can see the full reference on the right hand side of the screen, along with the history of the request on the left hand side.


Updating References

Having reviewed the Reference, I update the outcome to Checked - Suitable or Checked - Not Suitable as required and click Update.


Hint - Depending on the minimum number of references required, marking a reference as Not Suitable may result in an automated email being sent to the Candidate advising that they need to provide another referee, one who can provide a more suitable reference.

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