When an offer is raised, it might need approval. The Hiring Manager who raises the offer will be required to select appropriate authorisers from a list and they, in turn, approve the offer until it's fully signed-off.

Selected Authorisers will receive an email notifying them of the request and providing a link to take them to the authorisation page.  Alternatively, selected Authorisers can review all offers requiring your approval within the Hiring Manager Portal.

In this article we will explore both options.

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Authorising from the Email Link

When selected as an Authoriser, I'll receive an email notification with 10 minutes of the offer being raised. This means I can react quickly and provide the approval, without have to remember to log in to the portal to check.

The email notifications contain an intelligent link.  Clicking the link will take me directly to the Offer Authorisation page for that offer, without having to log-in, meaning I can review and approve/reject the offer with only 2 clicks of a mouse.  As the Hiring Manager Portal is a mobile responsive Website, if I get my emails on my phone, I'll be able to tap the link and process the offer without having to touch my laptop - this is a great time saver as it means I can potentially do all of my approvals on the train before I get in to the office!

Depending on the settings being used, in addition to approving or rejecting the offer, I might have the option to edit the offer and even change who the authorisers are!

If I need to reject the offer, I'll be asked to provide a comment explaining my reasons for rejecting the offer.  These comments will be visible to the Hiring Manager who raised the offer, along with the Recruitment Team, so it's always a good idea to provide as much information as possible.


Note: if I don't react within a few days of the first email coming through, I'll be sent a reminder email.  The reminder email will contain a different link to the first email, and the link in the first email won't work any more - so I need to make sure I'm always using the most recent email.  Every time a new reminder is issued, the link in the previous email stops working.

Authorising in the Portal

As an approver who has lots of vacancies and offers to sign-off, it might be easier to work from the portal directly, rather than using the individual email links.  When viewed in the portal, I'll be able to cycle through all of my outstanding approvals, whereas using the intelligent link will only show me that one offer, meaning I have to return to my emails to pick up the next one.

To see all offers I navigate to the Offers & Placements page and use the filter at the top of the page to select Placements Awaiting My Authorisation.


All of the offers which have come to me for authorisation will be shown in a grid, and I can click on the Candidate name to view the offer and provide my approval.

If I have several offers to approve, I can use the PREV and NEXT buttons at the top of the offer screen to move on to the next offer.004.png

Note: it's not possible to approve or reject multiple offers at once - I have to view each offer individually to approve or reject it.  Using the select tick-boxes on the grid view will simply allow me to contact several candidates at once.

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