The recruitment campaign has been a success, I've completed my interviews and I'm ready to make an Offer.

In the Eploy Hiring Manager Portal I'll need to create a Placement and trigger the authorisation process.  

In this article we will explain the process Hiring Managers must follow to create a Placement and send it through for Authorisation.

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Creating the Placement

When I'm ready to make an offer, I can do this from the Applications grid, using the Process Menu, or I can do it from within the Application Dialogue itself.

Regardless of which method I use, I'll need to select the Offers & Placements stage from the process menu.  Having done that, I'll have either one or both of the following two choices:

  • Create Placement Now - Clicking this takes me to the Create Offer screen.  Here I'll record the Salary being offered, the dates of employment and any other placement specific details.
  • Create Placement Later - I'll use this option if I want to indicate that this is the successful Candidate, but I'm not ready to put the offer in to the system yet.  Having selected this option, I can use the Offers & Placements screen to create the Placement and send it for Authorisation.

Hint - In order to access these, you need to ensure that an action, such as the final interview, has an outcome. Once the action has received its feedback (i.e Proceed to Offer), you will then be able to access Offers & Placements.


After selecting Create Placement Now, you will see the Create Offer screen:


This is where I input the basic information about the Offer such as the Start Date, Hours per Week and Salary.  I might need to provide extra information too, but I can tell which fields are mandatory as they're marked with an Asterisk (*).  Once I've filled everything in, I'll click Submit to move on to the next step.

Authorisation & Approvers

Depending on the details of the offer, I might need to send it for Authorisation.  Eploy will automatically decide for me if the offer needs authorisation.  If it does, on the next screen I'll be asked to select my approvers and I'll have the option to enter comments before proceeding.


Once submitted, the approvers will be notified automatically and I can track the progress of the offer from my Dashboard.

If my offer doesn't need approval, I'll still be taken to the same screen, but I won't need to select anyone.  In this case, when I proceed, the offer will go directly to the Recruitment or Onboarding team for them to get everything set up.

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