Referencing is an often essential part of your onboarding process, giving you the chance to get key information from past employers, teachers/lecturers and others about your new employee.

Using the Onboarding module, your new employees can specify their own referees and issue the reference requests, but you can also do this manually within the Core System.

In this article we will explore how to view referee details, add a referee, create a new Reference request and view completed references.

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Viewing and adding Referee details

Referee details are saved within the Candidate record, within the History tab.


If you are in the Application Dialogue, click the 3-dot menu button then navigate to Edit > Candidate > History. 


To view the referee details, click the name of the referee.  From here, you will be able to make any edits, add information or correct typos if needed.


To add a referee, click the Add button, fill in the form and click Save.


Note - This adds a referee to the candidate record and will NOT trigger a reference request.

Creating a new Reference request within the Core System

Pre-requisite: The ability to send a manual reference request is an additional module in Eploy, which may not be active in your instance. If you would like to manually trigger reference requests from Eploy, please contact our Support Team.

When triggering reference requests from Eploy, they are automatically recorded as actions. This means that you need to create the reference action in order to manually trigger the request.

If you are looking at the Candidate record, go to the Actions tab and click New.  Alternatively, from the Application Dialogue, click on the 3-dot menu button, then Add > Action.

 The Create Action configuration window allow you to set a lot of different information, but the key points for a reference request are:

  • Set the Action Type field to Reference
  • Use the Candidate Reference relationship to select the referee you want to request the reference from
  • Do not set an Outcome - this will be set automatically by the system
  • All other fields do not need to be changed but can be useful for reporting - things like the start date will show when the reference was requested, whilst the completion date & outcome will be used when the reference is returned. 

When you are finished, click Save.  Your chosen referee will now be sent an email automatically, requesting that they complete your referee questionnaire.

Viewing Reference requests

There are several ways to keep track of your outstanding reference requests - the quickest and easiest is to set up a Widget on your Dashboard. The attached Quick Reference Guide explains how to create this widget.

In addition to using the dashboard, you can keep track of your outstanding References form within the Actions screen.  Navigate to View > Actions.

Use the Filter and set the following minimum parameters and click Apply:

  • Complete/Confirmed = Incomplete Actions
  • Action Type = Reference


Note If you wish, you could also specify the Vacancy Title, Contact name and candidate name to further filter the list.

You will now see a list of all Reference actions which match your filter criteria.  To view the reference, click the action name.


Alternatively, if there is a blue Application button against the Action, you could click that to view the Application Dialogue.  From there, click Activity and scroll down until you see the Reference Action listed.  Clicking that will open the Action.


Viewing completed References and marking them as Suitable/Not Suitable

The process for viewing completed References is the same as that for outstanding references, with one difference - when using the filter, there is no need to fill in the Complete/Incomplete field.  Instead, set the Outcome field to Received.  This can also be tracked using a widget on your Dashboard, which is also explained in the attached Quick Reference Guide.

When a Reference has been completed, the information entered by the Referee will be visible from within the Application section in the Application Dialogue.


To change the status of this reference, click on the action name (Reference).  Open the Outcome drop-down menu and select either Checked - Suitable or Checked - Not Suitable.  Click Save once you are done.

Updating Reference Requests completed outside of Eploy

Occasionally you may receive responses to reference requests external to Eploy, for example via email.

When this occurs, you can manually update the reference request inside Eploy to prevent any further reminder emails being issued to the referee.  When updating the Reference Action, you can copy and paste the text of the reference received in to the Comments box.

You can also upload a copy of the response received in to Eploy by accessing the Application Dialogue and using the Upload field within the Files tab.

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