In this article we will explore the types of reports that are available to Hiring Managers and explain how to access and run them.

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Note - The data available to hiring managers is based on the vacancies they have access to. If you make a report available in the Hiring Manager portal, they will be able to report on all vacancies and applications which they have access to.

What types of reports can I run?

Reports can be run from within the Vacancies screen, which in turn give me access to application and placement data. 

The templates available will be specific to my organisation, but fall in to 3 general categories:

Vacancy Tracker - These reports show cumulative data for each Vacancy being reported on.  For example, the total number of applications received, the number to reach each stage of the process and the number to be offered. As a Hiring Manager, this type of report will give me a great summary of my recruitment activity.

Candidate Tracker - These reports return information per application, providing in-depth information about each application and candidate.  For example, rather than showing the number of applicants at each stage, this report can show me which stage each application has reached, the date they got there, Interview dates, offer details, etc.  As a Hiring Manager these reports can help give me greater clarity around name blind and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statistics.

Time to Hire - Time to Hire reports calculate the time difference between two date fields within a Vacancy.  For example, they can show the time taken from the point at which a Vacancy went live to the first application received.  As a Hiring Manager, these reports can help me understand where the bottle necks are in my recruitment practices and help me plan better for the future.

Note - The reports available to your Hiring Managers are based on templates, which are created by Cure System users. If you have a template that you would like to share with your Hiring Managers, please contact Eploy Support. 

How do I run a report?

If report templates are available to me, I'll see a Reports button towards the top of the screen.


Clicking this button will display a list of available report templates, broken down by category. 


To run the report, all I have to do is click on its name.  The report will open in a new browser window and can be downloaded and opened in software such as MS Excel or Google Sheets.

Note: the export button is on the right hand side of the report, so if my report is quite large (20+ columns, for example), I'll need to scroll to the end of the report before I'll see the button.


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