In this article we will describe how your Hiring Managers can create Actions from scratch, or allocate an Interview Slot to a Candidate.

Note: the Hiring Manager's ability to schedule interviews or select from a list of slots is dictated by the settings with the Recruitment Workflow of the Vacancy.  If your Hiring Managers are unable to perform the actions described below but you feel they should be able to, please ask your local Super User or System Administrator to update the settings within the Recruitment Workflow.

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Creating Interviews

Having reviewed a Candidate, if I'd like to invite them to come in for an Interview, I can do this using the process menu.  

First, I need to select the Interview Type I want to invite them for e.g. Telephone or First Interview.

Having done this, I'll be shown the following three options:


Create Action Now - If I already know the date and time of the Interview, perhaps I've already agreed it with the Candidate, I click Create Action Now.  That will open a pop-up which will allow me to specify the interview details.

Create Action Later - this option moves the Application to the selected Interview Stage but without scheduling the interview itself.  I'd select this option if I plan on scheduling the interview later, or if I want the Candidate to select from a list of available Interview Slots.

Select Slot - I can only select this option if there are suitable Interview Sots available in the system.  These may have been created by me, members of the Recruitment Team or another Hiring Manager on the Vacancy.  When I select this option I'll be shown a list of available slots and I can indicate which slot I want to allocate to the Candidate.  As soon as I do this, the slot won't be available to any other Candidates.

Create Action Now

When I select Create Action Now the Create Action window will open, where I can specify the details of the Interview.


Most of the information will be pre-populated, but there are some fields I must complete, and others which are optional.

  • Subject - this will show within any calendar invites, making it easy to distinguish between type of interview. For example, can be a great way to tell the candidate if the interview will take place face to face, via Zoom / Skype or to add any other context.
  • Start/End Date & Time - this is the start and end date/time of the Interview.

Hint - Clicking the Calendar button will open the Calendar in a pop-up window allowing me to check what has already been scheduled, making sure I don't double-book myself.

  • All Day - flags the activity as an all day event.
  • City (Time Zone) - Allows me to set the timezone of the Interview
  • Priority - adds a flag to any invites sent out, similar to the priority when sending an email.
  • Candidate Confirmation - Ticking this will schedule the interview, but mark it as unconfirmed.  This will prompt the candidate to confirm their ability to attend in the candidate portal. If I leave this unticked, the interview will automatically show as confirmed.
  • Location - This will draw through the address of the Vacancy, but can be changed if the interviews will be taking place elsewhere.
  • Other Attendees - If anyone else will be attending he Interview with me, I can capture their details here.

Once I'm happy with the information I've entered, I click Save to finish. 

Usually the Candidate will be sent an email confirmation automatically, but this will depend on the notification settings within the Recruitment Workflow.

Selecting a Slot

Where slots are available for the Vacancy and Interview stage, I'll be able to click Select Slot.

A pop-up window will open, showing me a list of all available Slots for that Vacancy and Interview Type.

To book the interview, I locate the slot I want and click Select.


A confirmation window will open, confirming the details of the Interview and giving me the opportunity to require the Candidate to confirm their attendance.


Clicking on continue will book the candidate to that slot. For more information on managing or creating interview slots, please see this article.

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