Within the Hiring Manager Portal, the Calendar will display all upcoming activity for the roles Hiring Managers have access to.  This includes any slots or availability you have outlines, as well as any interviews, reminders or to dos.

In this article we will explore the Calendar in detail. 

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Accessing the Calendar

To access the Calendar, I click the Calendar icon from the menu bar. This takes me to the Calendar, displaying this week's activities as a default.  From here I can create Interview Slots, provide feedback or review upcoming events.



Filtering the Calendar

The information displayed on the Calendar is driven by three main filters:

Action Types - This filter allows me to quickly look for different types of interview or action.  When I select an option from the list the calendar will refresh, showing only that type of activity.

Vacancies - This enables me to look at activity across the vacancies that I have access to, meaning I can quickly see all of the upcoming interviews for specific roles, rather than looking at everything.

Search - If I'm struggling to find an Interview or other Action, I can search by any of the fields contained in the action, such as Candidate or Vacancy Name, or Action Type.

Navigation and Layout

As with other calendars, there are several view options available to me.  Each option comes with its own set of views and controls.

  • Week View - Shows the current calendar week.  The navigation options allows me to jump from week to week.
  • Day View / Month View - Filters for that Day / Month.  The navigation options enable me to go the next / previous Day/ Month.
  • Timeline - This inverts the calendar, showing times across the top. This can be great for comparing availability across a number of people / roles.
  • Agenda - Gives a detailed breakdown of all events / activity for each day, enabling me to quickly scroll through all booked activity.



Regardless of my selected view, I can use the calendar picker to jump to specific dates.

Providing Feedback 

Clicking on an event in the calendar displays a pop-up summary - this includes the headline information of the event, such as type of interview, location, role and candidate. 


From here I can access the Application by clicking the View Application button in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up.  From within the Application Dialogue I can see the candidate and application details and, workflow permitting, make changes to the Acton.

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