From the Offers & Placements screen, Hiring Managers can view all the information they need regarding recent hires, those currently onboarding and those that choose not to join the team.

In this article we will look in detail at this screen, focusing on the filter options, what information you can view and what actions you can carry out from here.

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Filter Options

To access the Offers & Placements screen, I select this option from the menu.

Initially I'm be shown the Offers and Placements for my Vacancies, but I can change this using the Filter menu at the top of the page:


Placements for My Vacancies

This is where I find the Offers and Placements made against vacancies where I am the main contact.

Placements for My Delegated Vacancies

If I'm assigned to a vacancy as an additional hiring manager, rather than being the main contact, I can view the Offers and Placements for these roles here.

All Placements

This filter option will display all the Offers and Placements that I have visibility of.

This includes those where I'm the Vacancy Contact, an Additional/Delegated Hiring Manager and those which have bee sent to me for Approval.

Depending on my hierarchy and where I sit in the organisation, I may also see Offers and Placements that I haven't been involved in.  This is especially likely if I'm a senior manager within the organisation.

Placements Awaiting My Authorisation

If I need to authorise any Placement requests, I'll be able to see these here, once they've reached my stage in the Authorisation Workflow.

The Grid View

The Placements I can see will be displayed in a Grid, displaying basic information about each Placement.


To view the Placement in full, I click on the Candidate's name.

Hint - The grid will only show 10 placements at once, so if there are more than that, I'll have to scroll through, potentially several, pages until I find the placement I'm looking for.  Alternatively I can use the Search function at the top of the screen to find the Placement I'm looking for.  I can search by Candidate Name, Start and End Date or Vacancy title.

Managing and Updating Placements

Clicking the candidates name in the placement grid displays the Placement summary page.  The amount of information displayed here is specific to my organisation, but may include vacancy details, candidate information and the offer made to the candidate.

If I have the ability to edit any of the fields on the placement, these will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen.

My ability to edit the placement is based on settings within the Recruitment and Authorisation workflows, but may include the ability to change the Start/End Date, Salary offered and potentially even withdrawing the offer.

Authorising a Placement

Placement Authorisation is typically a bit of recruitment bottleneck, so we try to make this as easy as possible for your Approver community. Whilst they should be receiving a notification with an intelligent link whenever there is offer to approve, they can also choose to grant the approval from within the Hiring Manager portal.

As an approver, I can view the filter on the Offers and Placement screen to see those placements which have come to me for approval.  These will be displayed in a Grid.

Clicking the Candidate's name will display the Placement details, and I can record my Approval or provide a comment and reject the request from the right hand side of the screen.


Hint - For Vacancy & Offer Approval, the email notifications include intelligent links. This means that the approver doesn't need to log in, in order to approve the offer - this can greatly reduce the admin required, especially if the approver only ever accesses the portal to perform approvals. We also recommend making use of the Daily Digest email, which includes a summary of all outstanding activity for that approver each day - a great way of sending the approver a gentle nudge!

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