Within Eploy, Interview Slots are used to capture a User's availability to conduct interviews.  This can be both yourselves in the Recruitment Team, or your Hiring Managers.  In addition to capturing availability, slots can be made visible to Candidates, giving them the ability to select a date and time for their interview from the list of available slots.

In this article we will explore how to create Interview slots from within the Hiring Manager Portal, how to make them visible to Candidates and how to manage existing slots.

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Creating Single Slots

Interview slots are created from the Calendar page.  You can find more information on the Hiring Manager Portal Calendar here.  

To begin, I navigate to the calendar and click the Create Slots button at the top.  This opens the Create Slots window.  First, I need to indicate where I want to create a single slot i.e. 1 Candidate, 1 interview; or if I want to create multiple slots.

When creating a single slot I need to specify the date and time the Interview will begin, and the date and time it will end.  I can also specify the timezone of the slots.  

Note: if the Timezone picker isn't displayed, please contact the Eploy Support team.

Hint - When looking at the calendar, double clicking on a specific date and time will open the Create Slots window, pre-populating the date and time.  Alternatively, to double check availability while already on the Create Slots screen click the Calendar button next to Start Date to view the Calendar in a pop-up window.



Next I select an Action Type - this is the type of interview I'll be conducting, which may be pre-populated.   Clicking in to this field will display a drop-down list of the options available to me and I can use the tick-boxes to select any, or all, of the options displayed.

Next I select the Vacancy the slot is to be available for.  As with the Action Type field, clicking in to this field will display all of my Vacancies and I can use the tickbox to select an individual or multiple Vacancies.  Selecting multiple Vacancies means the Candidates from the selected Vacancies will be able to book in to the slot, but once one Candidate has taken it, it'll no longer be available for other Candidates.

As soon as one Vacancy is selected, the Location field will auto-populate with the address of that Vacancy.  I can change this by using the Select option to pick from a list of addresses in the system, or I can enter an address manually.  Once saved, the address field is "clickable", meaning a Candidate can click on the address in the Candidate portal and be shown the address on Google Maps.  Because of this, if I'm entering an address manually, I need to make sure it's a complete address and include a Postcode.

If someone else will be attending the interview with me, I can enter their details in to the Other Attendees field. 

Hint - if other Hiring Managers will be attending the interview and they have access to the vacancy in their portal, there's no need to add them as Other Attendees. Once the slot is booked it'll automatically show up in their Calendar too.

The last thing to do is to decide whether I want Candidates to be able to see the slot.  If I tick the box, that means they can see it in the Candidate portal and potentially book themselves in to it (so long as they're at the right stage in the process). If I don't want Candidates to book the interview themselves, or if the Recruitment team need to make sure the appropriate Facilities are available first, I'll leave this option unticked.

Once I'm happy with the information, I click Save.  The pop-up will close and I'll be returned to the Calendar.  If I need to edit the slot, I can do that from here.

Creating Multiple and Assessment Centre Slots

The process for creating Multiple or Assessment Centre slots is virtually identical as for a single slot, but with a few extra options.

To begin, I open the Create Slots screen and select multiple, rather than Single.

The End Date/Time fields will disappear.

I now need to specify the number of Candidates to assign to each slot.  If I will be conducting a series of 1:1 interviews, I enter 1 in this field.  If, on the other hand, I'll be doing Assessment Centre style group interviews, I enter the number of Candidates I want to see at the same time.

Next I enter the number of interviews/sessions I want to do in the day, the duration for each slot and the duration of the break between slots.

Having filled these fields in, I'll be shown the schedule for the day.  If I make any changes to the fields I just filled in, the schedule will automatically update itself.

Note: if the details you enter means the schedule will cross over 2 days, you'll see an error message - you can only schedule slots up to 23:59 on the selected date.


I can now fill in the rest of the form specifying the Action (interview) Type, Vacancies, Location, Other Attendees and indicate if I want Candidates to see the slots.

Tip: Once I've saved the schedule, if I need to change or delete any of the slots e.g. for a lunch break, I can do this from the Calendar.

Editing and Deleting Slots

To Edit or Delete slots, I first need to find them in the Calendar.  For more information on the HM Portal Calendar, please look at this article.

Having found the slots I want to change, I click on it.  I'm shown a summary of the slot details, including the date/time, Address and number of seats available.I can use the Up and Down arrows to increase or decrease the number of seats available, or use the Recycle Bin button to delete empty seats.  If a slot has one 1 seat available, deleting that seat will delete the entire slot.

To edit the slot details, I click on the Edit icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

I can also use the Active switch (the red/green slider) to show or hide the slot to Candidates.



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