The Application Dialogue within the Hiring Manager portal uses the same interface as the Core System - the fields & layout of information however is set by the core system users on behalf of the hiring managers, rather than asking each to configure their own.

In this article we will discuss, as a Super User or System Administrator, how to change the layout of these two areas.

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Note: the changes made to either layout will automatically & instantly apply to ALL Hiring Managers, so keep in mind the different information required in the overview by different hiring managers.

Permissions Required

The layout of the Overview and Vacancy tabs is managed by core system users who have the Manage User Type Security Settings permission.

Accessing the Layout Manager

To change the layout of the Overview tab, click into Admin > Security Settings > Hiring Managers.


Once in the Hiring Manager Security Settings screen, scroll down to the Portal Configuration section where you can find options: Candidate Fields & Vacancy Fields. 


Changing the Candidate (Overview) Layout



When you click into Candidate Layout, you will see the existing layout, including each section & the fields within them. Use the drag and drop interface to re-order, remove or add new fields to the layout - all of the available options are shown towards the bottom, so just drag the new fields where you wish to show them. You can also change the section name accordingly.

Hint - the fields are colour coded, based on where in the core system you can find them. This helps to ensure that you are picking the right fields for each section. e.g. Blue for Candidate Personal / History, Green for Bank Details and Peach for any custom questions specific to your implementation.

As well as fields, you can choose to include Skills or Previous Employers within the layout using the tickboxes available.

Once you have finished, click Save to confirm - the changes will be made immediately for all hiring managers.

Changing the Vacancy Layout

The Vacancy layout manager is used to manage the fields displayed within the Vacancy section in the Application Dialogue.


The vacancy layout manage works in the same way as the candidate - simply drag and drop to show the information in the right section.


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