Registering as a Candidate is the first step in the journey for a new career. By registering, the candidate will have full control over their profile, which includes Applications, Interviews, Personal details and much, much more! 

To start this process, Candidates will need to Register. Generally, the Register function is located at the top right hand corner of the screen.



There are two ways to complete the registration process.  The first is to register using Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. When registering in this way, the candidate's First Name, Surname, Email address and in some cases Profile Picture will auto-populate from the social profile.  No other information will be populated from the profile.  Additionally, when registering in this way, there is no need to set a password for the Candidate Portal as the candidate will be required to log-in using their social media profile going forward.blobid2.png


The second way to register is by completing the registration form manually. 

Asking the candidate 'How did you hear about us?' is a great way of keeping track of where and how candidates found out about your company. 

Hint - If the candidate has come to the website via a particular source, such as a job board or advertising platform, the source will be tracked automatically, so these fields don't show.

Most of the details requested at this stage are mandatory, which the candidate is required to provide in order to complete the registration process.

The registration page may include some Show Hide questions, in which additional questions are displayed depending on how the Candidate answers a previous question. 


In this example, when the candidate indicates that they are an existing employee, they are asked additional questions and Eploy will flag them as being an Internal candidate.

There is also an option to sign up for Job Alerts. By doing so, they will be asked to select their preferred Function, Department and Location



The penultimate step in the registration process is to agree to your Data Privacy statement.  This is your opportunity to tell the candidate how their personal information will be processed.



Last but not the least...CV Upload and Declaration.

This is the final step in the Registration process.  Here your candidates will confirm that the information they have provided is accurate and they're given the opportunity to upload a CV.  When the Candidate uploads their CV during Registration, Eploy will Parse the CV, importing their personal information, skills, education and qualification details, meaning they don't have to fill it in manually.

To complete the registration process, click Register.  



If the candidate is registering having clicked the Apply button, they'll automatically be taken to the Application form, otherwise they'll be taken to their profile page.

Hint - You can add or remove any fields to your registration page, by getting in contact with the Success Team. Let us know if there is any other information that you would require at this stage of the journey!





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