When a candidate is added to the system, either manually, via the candidate portal or through the CV import tools, the CV that they provide will be parsed to populate the candidate record. This means that they don't need to manually type in their name, address or employment history etc. Another major benefit of the parsing tool however is the ability to automatically identify and assign skills to the candidate, based on their CV.

Once the candidate has been added, you may want to add additional skills to the candidate record, either manually or from a second CV.

In this article we will look at how to update the skills a candidate has, by using the parsing tool to manually extract skills from a new CV, and by manually adding skills.

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Extract Data

If a candidate has provided an additional CV, or you were unable to successful parse the data the first time, you can choose to extract the data, including skills, from a CV. To do this, navigate to the candidate record and click in to the CV tab. Highlight the file you wish to extract from then click Extract Data.


This will open a pop-up window, where you can choose how much data is parsed from the CV.

Identify the information you want to extract and ensure that the Skills option is ticked, which it should be by default, then click Extract Data


After clicking Extract Data, you will be returned to the candidate record where you can review the details, including any parsed skills from the CV.

Manually Assigning Skills

You can also choose to manually add skills to the record, without the need to extract any data. This can be done from the Skills tab of the candidate record.  Use the skills groups, or quick select, to find the skills you want to assign, then click on the skill name to assign it to the Candidate.


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