Skills are fundamental to any talent pooling you wish to do from a vacancy, as they allow you to identify the key criteria that you are looking for & compare this with your applicants and talent pool. These comparisons then automatically populate skill match percentages & skill counts, to help you intelligently find those most suitable.

In this article we will explore how to manually add Skills to your Vacancy, and how to get the system to do it for you automatically.

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Adding Skills to an Existing Vacancy

To add skills & enhance your vacancies, access the Vacancy Record and click into the Skills tab.


From here, you can click through any of the skill groups to identify the skills you wish to add, before then clicking each skill to assign to the job. This will move the skill into the bottom section, where you can see all of the skills assigned to the role currently.

Alternatively, you can use the Quick Select, which allows you to type the name of the skill you are interested in then select to assign to the role. This is great for when you know which skills you need to add, making the whole process quicker and easier.


Hint - To remove Skills form a vacancy, you need to have additional permissions which will then show a delete option next to the skill name once it has been assigned. Clicking this will remove the skill from the job but can be re-added at any time.

Populate Skills

At the bottom of the page, you have the option to populate skills, which can help to automatically assign skills to your vacancy. This tool works by scanning your job descriptions (About the Role, About You, About the Company) and identifies any skills you have included, before assigning them to the job.

Hint - If you create a new vacancy from scratch in the core system, ensure Auto Populate Skills is ticked.  Skills will be populated automatically from the job descriptions you add, helping to reduce the admin in skilling up vacancies.


Skill Up Vacancy Templates

If you normally create vacancies from templates, either in the core system or via the hiring manager portal, you can save a lot of time and admin by adding the appropriate skills to your vacancy templates. By doing this, each of the jobs raised form the templates will automatically have the skills assigned, saving you a job for each individual vacancy.

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