Skills are so much more than just keywords. Yes, they pick out and highlight the key qualifications, certificates and attributes of a candidate from their CV, but did you know that you can use these to intelligently find those most suitable for your roles? With match percentage & skill counts, Skills are there to help you on every step of the recruitment journey

Based on your database, Eploy will recommend skills for you, whilst also allowing you to create bespoke or coded skills. Add to this that you can create a skill at any time & Eploy will search all existing CV's for new matches, you can continually enhance your database even if you aren't getting new applications.

When creating roles, Skills will also be extracted directly from your job adverts, automatically skilling up your roles based on the candidates you are looking to attract. You can then compare vacancy skills with your candidate database to promote those who already have the knowledge & the know-how that you are looking for.

Look out for Skills when creating record, using the Quick Match & Query builder search tools and when working a vacancy - they might just help you find that next hire.

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