Reporting on Eploy is all about the dataset you are reporting on, so it make it easy, you can either run Reports globally or locally:

  • Global Reports are available under Reports on the blue Eploymenu, which automatically filter for your Live Vacancies. This means that it is incredibly quick and easy to get a snapshot of your current recruitment activity.
  • Local Reports are available under Reports on the grey toolbar and whilst the same reporting options may be available, these allow you to create your own dataset to report on using Dashboards and Filters. This allows you to report on any data you have access to, regardless of whether you are a User on the Vacancy or not.

This guide focuses on the options available under the blue Eploymenu.

Global Trackers

The Candidate Tracker, Vacancy Trackers and Time to Hire reports allow you to access either the reports builder or any saved templates - if you do save versions of the Tracker report, they will show as a submenu for quick and easy access. Either way, running these globally, means that these reports will always be based on your Live Vacancies.


Activity Reports

By clicking into Activity Reports, you are able to utilise the various pre-configured activity reports, helping you to drill down into the use of your database. 

Dashboard & Metric Configuration

You will also find Reports to be the admin area for your Dashboards:

  • Configure Metrics is used to create & manage the metrics in your system, creating custom filters to report on any information recorded.

  • For KPI Reporting, you are able to configure Target Templates which help to benchmark and report on user performance.

  • User Reporting & Targets allows you to restrict the information users can see on the dashboard, or open them up to include other members of the team.

  • When you have new users, you can set up System Dashboards for them to get automatically when they log in.

  • Hiring Manager Dashboards allow you to create custom dashboards for your hiring manager community, helping them to navigate through their portal, identify outstanding tasks and report on their business areas.


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