As well advertising your jobs on your careers site, on Indeed and on Google for Jobs, you can also now distribute your roles to other job boards directly from Eploy. This then comes with enhanced reporting on your job posts, including dashboards & analytics on the life span and quality of your posts.

To start using the Eploy Multi-Poster, please contact your Account Manager to get your account set up.

Once you are all up & running, you can begin to post your jobs from Eploy directly to your selected job boards.

Posting Jobs

When you are ready to post an advert, you need to pick a vacancy that is currently active and displayed on your careers site. The job needs to be live so that applicants can be redirected to the advert after finding the role on the job and complete the application process.

Once within the vacancy, you can click on Job Post in the top right-hand corner – this will give you access to any job boards you have available, as well as allow you to review the status of any existing posts.


From here, you simply pick the job boards that you wish to post to and click Post Job.

Managing Credits

Eploy’s multi-posting tool works using a credit based system, charging you a credit each time that you Post Jobs to Job Boards – it is NOT dependant on the number of job boards that you choose to post too, but the number of posts you actually make. The most effective way to advertise your vacancies on job boards is to pick all the required job board destinations and post with one action – this will ensure you only use one credit and help to reduce wasted posts.

All for the cost of one Eploy credit, you can post the vacancy to as many of your job boards as required all in one process!

Please note that you are required to have credits with each recipient job board and if the post fails for any reason, such as incorrect log in details or no job board allowance, you will still be charged an Eploy credit when pressing Publish Job to Job Boards. Please ensure that you have enough credits and provide Eploy with the correct logging details for each job board to ensure that your posting is as efficient as possible.

Publish to Job Boards

After pressing Post Job, you will see the standard fields that are passed to all job boards – these fields will be populated with information from your job advert, so ensuring that all jobs are logged on Eploy correctly before posting will make this part of the process even easier. There may be certain information missing however, so take care to check the details passed through and ensure that it is suitable for the job board.


There may also be mandatory fields that are required by the job board, but not included in the eventual advert. This will be things like Salary, which is information the job board requires.


Once you have populated all required pages, you can click Publish – this will then take you through to the final step of the process…

Post to Job Boards

The last thing to do is populate any job board specific fields, with those that are mandatory for each board displayed. This can include things like the posting duration, specific sectors or keyword searches. You can also choose to populate any non-required fields, by ticking to show non-required fields.


Once you have populated all the required fields, click Post to Job Boards will send the vacancy to all those selected, and it is at this point that a credit will be charged to your account.

Managing Job Posts

Now that the role has been posted, you can view the status of the advert within the vacancy. The role may show as processing for a few moments but refreshing the page should then show the vacancy as Posted if everything has been successful or Failed if there has been a problem with any of the job boards.

Successfully Posted Jobs can also be removed from here, whilst those that have failed can be reposted once you have resolved the issue shown with the post window:


You can also review all adverts, within View – Job Posts from the Eploy menu. This will allow you to filter for active or inactive posts, who posted them and those due to expire meaning you can manage all of your adverts from within Eploy – you can even view the advert on the job board by clicking on the name of the job board!


Hint – You can even create dashboards & widgets for tracking your job posts, making keep track of those outstanding adverts even simpler!

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