Free advertising platforms are a great way of engaging with candidates, so getting your vacancies out there is crucial to a successful campaign. Whether you are trying to increase your application volumes or recruiting for that hard to fill role, you can maximise your candidate engagement by opting into Eploy’s Indeed & Google for Jobs data feeds.

How It Works

Once you have opted into the data feeds, any roles that you post on your careers site will automatically be passed to the advertising platform - completely free of charge! All you need to do is agree to the T&Cs, make sure you are happy with the information being passed and hey presto - the vacancies will be advertised as soon as you post them on your careers site.

Opting In

To set up the feeds, you first need to ensure that you have the correct permission to do so – this includes having the Eploy permission, as well authorisation on behalf of your company to automatically pass vacancy information to the relevant job board.

To get the Eploy permission, you can do this within Admin – Users on the blue Eploymenu.


From there, find your user profile and click into the ID, before switching to the general permissions tab. Within the list of positions, you can then tick the options to view & edit Configure Job Boards.


Hint – After updating your permissions, you need to log out of the system for the changes to take effect.

Configure Job Boards

Now that you have the correct permissions, you can access the configuration of your job boards within Admin – Job Boards. This is where you can activate any job boards that you are not currently using, as well as opt into Indeed, Google for Jobs or both!


Before signing up to Indeed or Google for Jobs, there are a couple of quality checks you need to complete to ensure that your roles are advertised correctly and in the correct location:

  • Your Head Office Address – The address of your head office is incredibly important for both Indeed and Google. If a vacancy doesn’t have a specific complete address, it will fall back to the address of your head office. This means that if Eploy doesn’t store your Head Office address, your vacancy will not be advertised anywhere, and the entire feed of vacancies will not function. To ensure that Eploy is using the correct Head Office address as the fall back option, please raise a ticket with our support team (via providing the full address.

  • Vacancy Addresses – Unless otherwise specified, each of your vacancies will use the address of the company/department they are associated too. For this reason, you need to make sure that all companies/departments that you may advertise against have a full address populated, including Address 1, Town, County, Postcode and Country. If any of this information is missing on a company, the role will be advertised at your head office location – which could result in applications from the other side of the country!

Note – You can use the Query Builder to find all companies that are missing address information, with a guide available here.

Once you have populated your addresses, you will then be able to activate the feeds for Google for Jobs or Indeed.

Google for Jobs

Start by clicking into the Google Feed option and the first thing you will be presented with is the Google disclaimer and the list of fields that will be published.

Important - Take care configuring this information, as any fields included here will be made publicly available on the advertising job board. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are authorised to create this feed and pass the information through to Indeed and ensure that any sensitive or confidential information is not included in the feed. Eploy can accept no control or liability for any sensitive information being passed to the third-party job board via this fields detailed in this feed.


Don’t see the disclaimer? This means that it is not yet available in your system, so please contact and we can arrange to make this active with you!

If you want to change any of the information or fields including in the data feed, please contact Eploy Support via and we will be happy to help.

Once you are happy with the information included in the Google for Jobs feed, all you need to do is tick the checkbox for Automatically post to this job board – this will activate the feed and any advertised vacancies will be passed to Google via the feed.

Vacancies can take a couple of days to be indexed by Google, especially when first activating the feed as it will need to index the careers pages. However, once active, you will start to receive applications from this job board.

Tracking Applications

If opting into the Google for Jobs feed, you may want to set up a source token so that you can track registrations and applications automatically.

To do this, access Admin – Drop Down Lists and select the list for How did you hear about us? – Details, as this is where you can manage your existing source tokens. From here, click New to create the option for Google for Jobs and ensure you set the parent as Job Board, before entering the search string as source=google_jobs_apply. This should be set up as below:


Auto Post to Indeed

When setting up the Indeed feed, the information passed in the feed will be the same fields as the Google for Jobs feed. This means that you need to be certain that any sensitive or confidential information is not stored within these fields to ensure that it does not become public on either Indeed or Google.

For Indeed however, there are a couple of additional options required in order to configure the feed. One part of this is setting up an Indeed specific consent email. As candidates who apply via the Indeed Apply integration will not visit your candidate portal for Registration or Application organically, we would recommend creating an email template specifically for these candidates. This email should include a link to their profile in the candidate portal, as well as the consent module, as this will allow candidates to opt in & update their preferences. You can create this template within Admin – Contact Templates – Email & SMS.

Once you have confirmed the list of fields and created your template, you again have the declaration to Automatically post to this Job Board. Please ensure that you have authorisation to publicly advertise your roles, as all advertised vacancies will be included in this feed.


If choosing to pass vacancies to Indeed, you also need to configure your Indeed account:

  • Job Board Log In Details – this should be the email address for you Indeed account.

  • Allow Users to Sponsor jobs – This tick box will enable an additional option with the job posting functionality, where you can choose to sponsor jobs on an individual basis. This option should only be ticked if you intend on sponsoring roles on Indeed and have authority to assign budget per vacancy.

  • If allowing to sponsor jobs, you also need to set a Maximum Sponsor Amount to help control the budget.

Apply with Indeed

The next option is to determine if you will be activating Apply with Indeed:

  • If yes, this will allow for one click Apply on Indeed, so that candidates are not directed to your careers site as part of the application process. Instead, Indeed will collate the information provided by the candidate and prompt them to complete any compatible screening questions before sending that information to Eploy. Eploy will then import that information, create the candidate and application record and then prompt the candidate to return later & provide any further required details. This method can be great for reducing drop off rates and improving the candidate experience.

  • If you choose not to activate Apply with Indeed, candidates will be directed to your careers site once they have signed into their Indeed account – from there, candidates will complete your bespoke registration and application process. The benefits of this include ensuring the candidate provides all of the required information at the first attempt & means the candidate journey is fully branded as takes place on your candidate portal.

When configuring the setting, selecting No to Activate Apply With will trigger only one further field, where you can configure the tracking token. The tracking token should be provided by Indeed, so you may need to speak with your Indeed Account Manager to get this. This will allow you to automatically track the applications that come from Indeed, through registration & application, as well as monitor drop off rates using our incomplete application statuses.


Indeed Apply

If selecting Yes to Activate Apply With, you can then configure the import & duplicate checking options for any candidates coming through Indeed:

  • Application Status – This will be the status the application is received at if the candidate does not complete the full application process. This should be set to either Incomplete or Incomplete Job Board Application.

  • Candidate Status – You can also choose a bespoke candidate status to help segregate candidates that have applied through Indeed. If you are using candidate status to track partial & full registrations, select the appropriate status here. If not, this setting should be Actively Looking.
  • Assign Users – This setting will look at the users associated to the vacancy that the candidate has applied for and assign them directly to the candidate.


  • How did you hear about us / sponsored – As Eploy will allow you to auto track the source of the application, you can track separately the response to any sponsored ads to those candidates who respond to organic roles (those that are advertised for free). From these sections, simply choose the appropriate option to set for each source, using different options if you wish to track separately.

  • Notifications for Imported candidates – As candidates applying via Indeed Apply will not visit you candidate portal, they will not receive the standard Registration or Application emails. They will also not have the opportunity to opt into your consent module or access your privacy policy. With this in mind, we recommend that you set up an email template specifically for candidates who apply via this method. This will allow you to direct them to your consent & privacy notice, as well as update their preferences. Once you have set up the email, you can select it here.

Note – the notification is not a requirement of the integration, so you do not need to trigger an email specifically for these candidates, especially if you choose to exclude those with active applications from providing consent or give visibility of your privacy policy later in the application journey.


  • Duplicating Checking Options – This is how you can identify if the candidate is already on your database. Our standard settings are for First name, Surname and Email Address but you can also choose to include Town and Date of Birth.

  • When Duplicates are Found – In the event that the candidate does already exist on the system, you can choose exactly how this record is managed, using the following options:

  • Update the duplicate candidate where only 1 duplicate is found (otherwise import as a new candidate) – This will import the application against the existing candidate if they are already on the system.

  • Update the most recent candidate – If the candidate already has multiple duplicate records, this will attach the application to the newest duplicate to be added.

  • Update the oldest candidate – If the candidate already has multiple duplicate records, this will attach the application to the original candidate record.

  • Import and flag as duplicate – this will create a new record for the candidate, but mark the candidate as a duplicate record so that it can be found using the query builder.

  • Import and do not flag as duplicate – This will create a new record and not flag them as a duplicate. This record could still be identified as a duplicate however using the Find Duplicates tool.


Once fully configured, you can click Save to confirm and the Indeed feed will be created. 

Important - Take care configuring this information, as any fields included here will be made publicly available on the advertising job board. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are authorised to create this feed and pass the information through to Indeed and ensure that any sensitive or confidential information is not included in the feed. Eploy can accept no control or liability for any sensitive information being passed to the third-party job board via this fields detailed in this feed. 

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