Exclusions allow you to define specific instances where Consent options do not need to be reviewed.  For example, Candidates who have been Placed, those with an active application or those who have only recently registered on the Candidate Profile. 


Note – Exclusions should be absolutely necessary, fully justifiable and will be specific to the needs of your business.  As such, Eploy will take no responsibility for setting up or maintaining your exclusions, or for identifying which sets of data you are allowed to exclude from the consent gathering process.

To begin building your exceptions, click Add:

  • Title – Give your exception a name. This should be specific and meaningful as this is how the exception will be shown within all other areas of the Eploy core system
  • Description – This shows within consent tool only so is the opportunity for you to detail exactly why the selected records have been excluded and why the data is being held.




  • Filter – This is how you search for and identify the records that you wish to be excluded. The filters should be kept simple and clearly outline a group or section of the database that you wish to exclude from providing consent.

Note:  You should design your filter to be as simple and specific as possible, taking in to account that where you list multiple conditions, the filter will only identify records where all conditions have been met.  Where it is possible for a given condition to have a range of values, any of which could trigger the exclusion, a separate exclusion should be created to account for each value in the range.

Having saved the Exclusion, it will be added to the Exclusions list and you will be able to see the number of records which will be excluded as a result.


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