As well as the consent to hold the data, you now have the ability to build in any additional preferences to be updated and collected at the same time. This means you can give the candidate additional control over how their data is used, how they are contacted and how long data is stored for. Once the preferences have been established. You can then put certain system checks in place to ensure that you are not in breach of those requested preferences.

To begin building your preferences, you can switch to preferences tab within the Consent tool. This is where you find any existing preferences, or create new ones by selecting Add Preference:




  • Consent Name – this is the name of the consent and how it appears within the system.
  • Description – this allows you to provide additional information regarding the preference and what it is used for.




  • Help Text – This will allow you to show additional supporting information or prompts to candidates, encouraging them to sign up for this preference.
  • Active – This check box will make this preference available for selection. Unticking this option will allow you to archive preferences that are no longer required.
  • Websites – If you have multiple candidate portals, this option will allow you to control which website the preference appears on.
  • Show on Registration Page – If preferences are set to show on registration page, candidates will be able to update this as they provide their details and register on the database (candidate portal only).
  • Only Include people who have specifically opted in - For System Checks, this option will allow you check only those that have opted in. For example, if your preference was to be contacted by SMS, anyone who had not specifically opted in would be excluded from any SMS sent through the database.
  • Order – This controls the display order of the preference, giving you complete control.

Once you have populated the required fields, you can then click save to confirm your preference.

System Checks

System checks are based on the preferences, allowing you to stop or control behaviour based on the information collected. As standard there are two checks within the Consent tool:

  • Default Check for Email Tool – If you assign a preference to this system check, you can stop automated emails or mailshots from being sent to the candidate – all those who have not confirmed this preference can be excluded from receiving emails.
  • Check for Sending SMS – This check is based around SMS functionality within the database and assigning a preference to this will allow you to exclude any who opt out from receiving correspondence of this type.

Hint – Because of the nature of these checks, we recommend that you have specific preferences for Contacting via Email and Contacting via SMS, as this will allow you to be clear on how a candidate will be contacted through the system & benefit from the automatic checks.



Once you have fully configured your Data Consent & Exclusions, your Preferences and your System Checks, you can now make the consent tool active – any candidates who have not provided consent with then be contacted based on your data consent settings, giving them the option to update, renew or change their preferences.

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