Setting Up the Consent Module

As Consent is a dedicated Module within Eploy, it comes with its own dedicated set of Permissions, which must be activated within the Standard User General Permissions screen before you can configure these settings.



  • Configure Consents – This gives you access to the admin module of the Consent tool, where you can configure the requirement and automation of the tool. This permission should only be granted to those who are responsible for managing and maintaining the Consent Tool. 
  • Manage Candidate Consent – Once the tool is active, this permission will allow you to update consent on behalf of the candidate. This can be effective if the candidate provides verbal consent, allowing the user to make changes as required. This will also allow you to withdraw the consent of the Candidate if requested to do so. If you do not wish for your users to be able to edit the consent on behalf of candidates, we would recommend that the View permission is granted, so that it can still be seen within the Candidate record. 
  • Manage Contact Consent – These permissions apply specifically to your Contact records, allowing you to update the consent and preferences of Contacts within your database. 

Note – When changing permissions, the user needs to log out / log back in for the changes to take effect.

To change the permissions of users:

  • navigate to Admin > Users
  • Locate the User in question (make sure you locate the Standard User, not the Hiring Manager user)
  • Click the User ID
  • Open the General Permissions Tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where the Consent permissions are located 

If the Users option is not available within your Admin menu, please contact your local Super User.

Accessing the Consent Tool 

Once the relevant permissions have been granted, you will be able to access the consent tool within Admin > Consents. This is then sub-divided in to Candidate and Contact: 


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