What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards provide quick access to filters and reports which you can use to manage your KPIs, keep track of your Vacancies and filter the database to display only the information you need in real-time.


Dashboards use Widgets to display information in a meaningful format.

Information can be displayed as:

  • Graphs and Charts
  • SnapStats
  • Leaderboards
  • Trend Charts

Widgets can also be used to display upcoming Actions, emails, frequently used queries and even RSS feeds.


Adding a Widget to a Dashboard

To add a Widget to any of your existing Dashboards, access the Dashboard and click Add Widget.  Select the type of Widget you wish to create.

The information you’ll need to select will depend on the widget type selected, but can include:

  • Record Types
  • Metrics
  • Filters
  • Users

Once you have created your widget, clicking on any item within the widget will either take you directly to the item (in the case of Actions), or apply a filter to the database and display the results in a grid view.


Creating and Sharing Dashboards

Eploy supports multiple Dashboards, allowing users complete freedom to view the information held within the database in as many different formats they feel are necessary.

To create a Dashboard, view any existing Dashboard and select Tools > New Dashboard.  Give the Dashboard a name and Description, select the layout you want to use and click Create.  All you need to do now is populate your Dashboard with Widgets.


To share a dashboard with other Eploy users, access the Dashboard and select Tools > Copy Dashboard.  Select the users you wish to send the Dashboard to and click Continue.


Switching between Dashboards

To switch between Dashboard, click the Dashboards button and select the Dashboard you wish to view.


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