What is the Application Dialogue?

The Application Dialogue presents all information about a single Candidate and Application in an easy to digest format.  Using the Application Dialogue, you can view information about the Candidate, their Application Form, CV, additional files, comments and Activity.

From within the Application Dialogue you can contact Candidates, progress the Application and create new Applications for the selected Candidate.

Application Dialogue Layout

The Application Dialogue is broken down in to 4 main sections.


Across the top you will be able to see:

  • The Vacancy Name and ID, along with that of the Company
  • The Candidate Name and Type
  • If they have uploaded one, their picture
  • A star rating – this is specific to the application, rather than general to the Candidate
  • The Candidate Status
  • The Vacancy on a map and the Candidate’s commute

You can also perform searches of publicly available information on LinkedIn and Facebook and access any specific links provided by the Candidate e.g. to an online portfolio of work.

Using the Edit button, you can make changes to the Application or Candidate Record.  The Add button allows you to add a Note, Correspondence record, Telephone Call or Action.

The Contact button allows you to contact the Candidate directly.  Additional options include creating a new Application for another role, impersonate the Candidate to access the Candidate Portal or Delete the Application.

Down the left-hand side, you can see the Workflow Stage and Status of the Application and view any Screening questionnaires completed.

Where the Candidate has scheduled an interview, full details of the selected Interview Slot will be displayed here.

Additionally, where they have been created, you can complete Feedback questionnaires from here.


Within the main body of the Application Dialogue you can view an overview of the Application, along with any identified matched skills.  Additionally, you can view the Application Form, CV, additional files attached to the Application, any comments and a complete audit trail of all activity carried out within this Application.


Finally, on the right-hand side of the Application Dialogue, we have the Process Menu.

From here you can progress the Application to the next stages or statuses within the Workflow, or move them back to earlier stages.


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