When required to authorise a Vacancy, authorisers will receive an email telling them that they have a Vacancy to authorise.  But, then what?

In this article we're going to explore the options available to authorisers while authorising a Vacancy and how to approve, or reject the Vacancy.

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Notification via Email

When selected by a Hiring Manager as an Authoriser for a specific stage in the Authoristion workflow, I won't be notified until my authorisation stage has been reached.

When that happens, I'll receive an automated email notification.

The content of the email is organisation specific, but as a minimum this email should contain a link that will take me directly to the Authorisation page.

Typically, if I haven't Authorised or Rejected the Vacancy within 3 days, I'll receive a reminder email, which contains a new link.  The link in the previous email will not work once I've received a reminder email.

I'll keep getting a reminder every 3 days until I Approve or Reject the Vacancy.  The frequency of reminder emails are organisation specific.

Note: when using the link in the email, I'll only be able to provide Authorisation for that single Vacancy.  If I have multiple Vacancies to process, it may be more efficient to log in to the Hiring Manager portal and view the complete list of Vacancies requiring my attention.

Navigating to Vacancies Awaiting My Authorisation

If I have several Vacancies to authorise, it might be quicker to log in to the Hiring Manager portal and view all Vacancies, rather than relying on the links contained in multiple Authorisation Request emails.

To access this list, I log in to the Hiring Manager portal as normal.  Access the Vacancies page and select Awaiting My Authorisation from the filter.


I click on the Vacancy Title to open the Vacancy.

Authorising or Rejecting the Vacancy

Once I've opened the Vacancy, I'll be able to see the full detail of the Vacancy.

I review all the information and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


To Approve the Vacancy, I click Approve.

When Rejecting the Vacancy, I should always explain my reasons for rejecting within the Status Comments box before clicking Reject.

If I choose to reject the Vacancy, a notification will be sent to the Hiring Manager who raised it.  If they chose to amend and resubmit the Vacancy, it will go through the selected Authorisation Workflow from the beginning.

Hint: If there are multiple Vacancies to authorise, while logged in and viewing a Vacancy I'll see < PREV   NEXT > options in the top right-hand corner of the screen.  I can use these to skip forward to the next Vacancy, rather than returning to the list.

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